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Translate complex legislation in practical interactive procedures

The pressure on compliance and compliance monitoring has increased significantly in many branches. Legislation is changing continuously, it is becoming more stringent and the financial an reputational damage is larger when organizations are not compliant. 

In order to be able to respond to these trends, it is important that organizations have access to the right resources which they can use to:

  1. Determine the impact of new and modified legislation on the organization.
  2. Show that the organization lives up to the current requirements.

The execution of these tasks is often difficult and time-consuming; compliance departments need to ‘retrieve’ information from the organization and transfer this information to others.

The Berkeley Publisher facilitates you in this. It enables you to translate complex legislation into applications based on decision trees. Help-functions can be added to provide guidance. This way, departments and employees can make autonomous decisions based on your applications.

Furthermore, you can develop applications that check which business rules apply to your situation and organization and whether you already suffice to the current and/or future legislation.

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Example: MiFID II, do you comply?

As of January 1st, 2017, MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), will come into effect. Investment first and banks providing investments services will be affected by MiFID II.

In order to make it easier for organizations to comply with these new regulations, Berkeley Bridge, in collaboration with Totti Finance, created a MiFID II Gap assessment tool. This tool helps you to determine whether you comply or not and Gaps are highlighted in an orderly manner; you know exactly what is going on and what needs your attention.

The answer given in the model can be saved. This enables you to track your progress.

Have a look at the MiFID Gap assessment tool.

Product Compliance: Home Fashion Group

When it comes down to product compliance, things get complicated quickly. Most of the time there are three sets of rules and regulations that have to be taken into account. Continental law (e.g. European), national law and a company’s own set of rules and regulations.

To make compliance easier, the Home Fashion Group uses the Berkeley Publisher to develop models that will help them assess whether new products comply to European and Dutch legislation.

Have a look at our product compliance page for more information.

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