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Solutions for every industry

Customers who use solutions made with the Berkeley Publisher are spread all over the world. The solutions can be deployed in every industry to create more efficiency, improve workflows or increase customer satisfaction. Although the possibilities are endless, we would like to give you a good idea of different purposes. Therefore, please take a look at several of our client cases, which are presented below.

KVdL logo

The Dutch top 10 law firm Kennedy Van der Laan is a pioneer in the field of Legal Tech, partly due to their embrace of innovation. The launch of Kennedy Van der Laan | Sync in December 2017 was the final step in the firm’s efforts to offer clients legal-technical solutions, including tools for document analysis and automation, compliance checks and workflow optimization. We met with Innovation Director Jeroen Zweers to discuss the changing legal situation world that Sync responds to, as well as the company’s long-standing collaboration with Berkeley Bridge.

Stibbe logo

Leading law firm Stibbe embraces digital transformation by automating its legal knowledge. We met with Stibbe’s Sophia Baas, Sylvia Schuuring and Boyd Hendriks to discuss the development phase, Stibbe’s current practice and what the future holds. Read the study case for the full story.

HU logo

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht in Dutch) has implemented the Berkeley Publisher into its curriculum. Lecturer in private law at HU, Martijn Noordermeer, explains in this case study how they introduce students to legal reasoning using decision trees, calculations and document assembly in the Berkeley Publisher platform.


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA in Dutch) and Berkeley Bridge have joined forces to provide legal tech with a large share in legal education. Students use the Berkeley Publisher to develop applications to automate legal decisions and documents in organizations and help implement them in actual practice. Read the case study in which Ivar Timmer, associate professor at HvA, explains how they managed this project with the Berkeley Publisher.

Avans logo

The Avans University of Applied Sciences has also integrated the Berkeley Publisher into its legal education program. Read the Case Study in which John Lousberg, lecturer and coordinator at Avans, talks about how they implemented the Berkeley Publisher and how their students became familiar with the platform.

Luris’ Contract Tool helps academics to generate ease-to-use legal contract. Some of the main benefits of using the Contract Tool include the reduction of legal risk incurred by errors or inconsistencies between contracts. In this case study, Sander Gellaerts discusses how the Contract Tool was created and implemented.

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