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Berkeley Bridge makes knowledge work for you

Berkeley Bridge believes that the existing knowledge & experience in organizations is the most important precondition for success. The effective use of all information available allows organizations to optimize processes and to serve customers better.

Berkeley Bridge has been supporting organizations for over fifteen years by advising them and inspiring them in terms of knowledge systems. We provide solutions for designing, managing, and sharing knowledge in, inter alia, the legal domain, in health care, for the government, and in many other sectors. We do so with a team of enthusiastic knowledge experts and experienced developers from our office in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands).

In order for everyone in the organization to benefit optimally, however, it is important that this valuable information is accessible and practically applicable. In practice, most information is located in the minds of employees, hidden in separate documentation or fragmented in different systems. Therefore, we aim to make a significant contribution to the improvement of knowledge sharing in your organization so that valuable information is available to everyone and so that it can actually be of decisive value to your organization.

Everybody can be an expert

Berkeley Bridge assists organizations in mapping existing information and making it available to colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. Together with our users, we look for existing knowledge and experience to determine how this contributes to the achievement of the joint ambitions and how this information can best be shared.

Thanks to the targeted use of knowledge systems, everyone is enabled to make use of specialist knowledge. Important here is that Berkeley Bridge acts as a bridge between knowledge and IT. In fact, we believe that knowledge experts must be leading in the development of knowledge systems rather than the IT department. After all, the experts are best able to translate their knowledge and experience into usable information.

Programming without code

Usable knowledge can best be created in situations in which knowledge experts can independently translate their knowledge into knowledge systems. This requires a simple way without needing prior programming knowledge. Berkeley Bridge has developed the Berkeley Publisher, which is the user-friendliest software suite for developing your own knowledge systems. Thanks to our software, you can translate the available knowledge and information independently and make it available to the rest of your organization.

The knowledge systems developed with the Berkeley Publisher are based on graphical decision trees and are presented in the form of an online application. Our years of experience have taught us that an application that is enriched with knowledge and that supports the user in obtaining the necessary information step-by-step is the easiest to understand for people with less expert knowledge and the fastest to offer the required answers.

We love sharing our knowledge!

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