Thanks to the versatile team, Berkeley Bridge has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.
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Whether it is about optimizing the structure of knowledge in decision trees or profound technical know-how of web applications: Berkeley Bridge is dynamic and works solution-oriented.

Since the foundation of Berkeley Bridge in 2005, we have become a key player in the area of software that needs specialist knowledge. An important product of Berkeley Bridge is the Berkeley Publisher, a user-friendly software suite developed to make the transition of knowledge to interactive, decision-based applications easier.

The atmosphere within the company is characterized by professionality and ambition. At the same time, Berkeley Bridge offers loyalty, modesty, and empathy towards its customers, partners, and employees.

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The Berkeley Publisher is the most user-friendly software suite for the development and maintenance of knowledge-intensive applications that use decision trees. Agility in business is king when it comes to the Berkeley Publisher. Interested? Please contact us for advice on how the Berkeley Publisher can help you to achieve your business goals.

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