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Create agile knowledge-based applications with the Berkeley Publisher

Welcome to the Berkeley Publisher: the most user-friendly tool for developing and managing knowledge-based applications. The Berkeley Publisher puts the business back in control. The key benefits are:

How it works

With the Berkeley Publisher you can model knowledge into an interactive application. You can give your target audience access to your applications; sharing your knowledge becomes easy and efficient. Modeling with the Berkeley Publisher suite is highly intuitive and is used by people in many different sectors. Read more…

Create your solution

The Berkeley Publisher is a tool which can be used in any industry to improve decision-making processes. Whether it’s business-to-business, business-to-consumer, government-to-citizen, or non-profit, the Berkeley Publisher has an impressive service record when it comes to modeling and maintaining your own logic in decision-supporting applications. Read more…


Curious as to what the Berkeley Publisher can mean for you? Have a look at our features and discover our software.

Partners & Demonstrations

The Berkeley Publisher enables domain experts to develop maintainable, innovative applications quick and efficient. Have a look at with which companies we work together, or experience the possibilities of our software via our demonstrations.

Curious as to what the Berkeley Publisher can mean for you organisation?

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