Build your model and publish it online as an interactive decision tree.
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  1. Graph: The graph-window shows the decision tree in its current state; it is the core of every model.
  2. Actions: In here, you manage all questions, texts, calculations, documents, information sources and more.
  3. Interface: This screen shows a preview of what the end-user will see when he/she uses the model.
  4. Document Designer: Here you can view the text-fragments that are used to create the custom-made document.

Translate knowledge into Expert Systems using decision tree software


  • The Berkeley Runner: A local execution environment (or rules engine) for Berkeley Publisher models.
  • The Berkeley Document Designer: A document template designer for creating custom-made documents for every end-user.
  • Subversion: Subversion keeps track of all the changes in your model and enables you to revert to earlier made versions.
  • Library: The library greatly reduces the maintenance effort. Parts of models that you use often, such as components of contracts or calculator modules, can be managed centrally


The Berkeley Webserver is an online platform on which models that are made within the Berkeley Studio can be run. These models are published from the Berkeley Studio onto the Berkeley Webserver. You can show these models to your target audience in a user-friendly environment which is completely adjustable. Have a look at our Demonstrations page to see some examples of models that have been made with the Berkeley Studio and published via the Webserver.


Anyone can use our decision tree software for free, as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. The Standard and Professional licenses are commercial licenses, you can try these for a limited time period. Have a look at our license overview or contact us for more information.


We provide support so everyone can become an expert in the Berkeley Publisher. Check out the video tutorials, instruction manuals or contact us for any questions.

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