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What is Document Automation?

Document automation, also known as document assembly, enables users to create custom documents based on user input. They are structured systems that use fragments of text and data in order to assemble a complete document. For example, an interactive decision tree can help creating a legal contract with the right clauses and variables.

Document automation software

Manually drafting and managing legal documents is a time-consuming endeavor. With the Berkeley Publisher software, you are able to convert template documents into online applications that can generate documents based on the input of the user. The user answers relevant questions about the document, selects parts to include and determines variables (for example, the height of a fine), after which the software automatically generates the document. Not only does this approach save time, it is also safe from mistakes and guarantees uniformity among documents.

Document automation software can be implemented on numerous levels, both inside and outside the organization. Within the organization, one can use our solution for drafting legal documents, while outside it can be used by (potential) clients.

Decision trees can be used in a wide range of branches like the law firms, legal departments, governmental organizations, human resources and accounting firms. Have a look at our customer cases to have a good illustration.

Generate fully branded contracts, NDAs, license agreements, employment contracts and more

Our Document Automation cases

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The ContractsTool

Berkeley Bridge has developed a special tool to generate contracts, called The ContractsTool. With Contractstool, you are able to turn your template contracts in online applications which are used to automatically generate custom-made contracts.


Contractstool speeds up the designing process, enables multiple users (colleagues or customers) to work on models at the same time and let you be in complete control of what is added or not. Furthermore, laws and regulations can be worked out in a structured manner with our intuitive software. This ensures uniformity and quality throughout your organization.
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