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Provide custom-made financial advice to your customers

Custom-made advice is extremely important for any type of financial product. However, in finance, every customer has a different background with different interests and means. Given these problems, decision trees provide a valuable addition to your organization by giving automated yet custom advice to customers.

The Berkeley Publisher provides you with the opportunity to help each of you customer individually while taking into account any kind of background. The right questions are presented to customers, and after answering all questions they are provided with a conclusion based on their own input. Furthermore, the Berkeley Publisher allows you to include calculations in order to support decisions and conclusions.

Clarity in complexity

A huge challenge for the financial industry is to be compliant with legislation, together with the constant focus on service and profitability in delivering services. Pressure on margins demands cost-effective solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into the online presence of financials. In order to deal with this and provide a standardized way of making unified decisions and documenting them in a formalized way, more and more financial organizations have to use agile software solutions.


An example made in the Berkeley Publisher platform is the MiFID GAP Assessment Tool which allows you to keep track of the latest changes in the legislation and the impact of these changes on your organization. The MiFID GAP Assessment Tool is an online knowledge-based tool that uses decision trees to simplify the process of assessing legal requirements. By using this tool you are able to limit your efforts to those sections of the legislation that are relevant for your organization and disregard the sections that do not apply.

Achieve regulatory compliance more effectively and efficiently

Self-service applications, online forms and advisory tools


In professional services industries like loans, insurance and pension, most advice used to be given face to face. A time consuming and expensive way of working in cases where the advice is relatively standard.

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