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E-health Expert Systems for support and improvement of healthcare

Organisations in healthcare are dealing with big challenges: on one hand there are significant budget cuts and on the other hand, there is an increase in the number of people requiring healthcare. A solution that helps to overcome these challenges is the improvement of existing information systems by making them more efficient and useful. Furthermore, there is a lot to win by improving the information flow towards patients, for example with e-Health solutions.

With the help of the Berkeley Publisher, your organization will be able to turn specialist knowledge from employees into readily accessible, interactive applications. This ensures that information is easily understandable by colleagues and patients alike.

Decision Trees for Medical Triages

In a healthcare setting, a protocol, also called a medical guideline, is a set of instructions which describe a process to be followed to investigate a particular set of findings in a patient or the method which should be followed to determine the next steps.


  • These types of protocols – called triages – can, for example, be used in contact centers of hospitals where specialist knowledge to make appointments for specific sections has to be available in a structured way for call center agents.

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Therapy validation checks & protocols

Numerous applications are made for all kinds of medical treatments. To verify whether an application is valid, it can be very useful to cover necessary specialist knowledge in an interactive decision tree. It is a way to make the right judgment whether the treatment is right or whether it is covered by a plan.


  • The treatment of children with autism can be very complex. Insurance companies have to judge whether a claim for this type of treatment is valid. Offering an interactive decision model will support in executing the right decision.
  • A hospital built a decision tree that contains protocols and other specialized knowledge pertaining to the development of children with cerebral paresis. The generated web application supports general practitioners to determine the development of the child, applies the correct monitoring protocols and calculates which actions should be performed within a specific time frame. The correct and timely appliance of this knowledge is an important factor for the optimization of future abilities of the developing child.

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