Graphic building and simple sharing
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The Berkeley Publisher is the user-friendliest software suite for the development and maintenance of knowledge-intensive applications. Our decision-tree software enables content experts to share their knowledge with their target audience quickly and easily. The Berkeley Publisher is very simple to use but at the same time, it is powerful enough for the most knowledge-intensive applications.

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Visual modeling

The Berkeley Publisher allows you to make decision trees without prior programming knowledge. The decision trees are built graphically and thanks to the familiar Microsoft Office interface, you are quickly accustomed to the software. In addition, the graphical representation ensures that you keep an overview at all times and that you do not get lost in endless codes.

Management and control in one place

The Berkeley Publisher facilitates centralized management of all required knowledge and information. Questions and conditions can be added effortlessly and any changes are implemented easily. This way, the Berkeley Publisher supports you in efficiently managing your knowledge and ensures that your target audience moves in the right direction.

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Enrich your knowledge system

Adding extra information to support your target audience can be a valuable addition to your knowledge system. Therefore, within the Berkeley Publisher, you can use various media, external sources of information, documents, formulas & calculations, and much more.

Preview and publish

Are you curious to see the end result but do you want to make sure that the choices lead to the right outcome? Naturally, the Berkeley Publisher allows you to test your decision tree first. If everything is satisfactory, you can publish your decision tree with the touch of a button!

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