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HighQ and Berkeley Bridge joined forces to create an integration between the two. Creating and securely sharing your data- and knowledge-based applications is now easier than ever. Download the product sheet for more information on the benefits of this integration.

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Berkeley Bridge recently developed an integration for iManage to bring our practical applications to the platform. Our integration ensures that output from our expert systems—automated NDAs, for example—ends up in its designated folder in iManage, along with a link to the Berkeley application behind it.

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Epona’s Contact Manager

Epona found a way to bring communication channels together in one CRM system and eliminate the inconsistencies that come with an extensive address book. We’re proud to announce that Berkeley Bridge has connected with Epona’s Contact Manager as well. Mitigate risk by preventing mistakes from getting into your models in the drafting phase and save time on collecting and copying out the data you need in our models.

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Company Info

What’s the last time you made a typo? Drafting contracts by hand works. Most of the time. But it comes at a cost. Not just of time and your eyesight, but of risk, too. Because mistakes are quickly made. The fact is, you can’t have quality business without quality information. Save time on typing out data by hand. Mitigate risk and don’t waste time on corrections by preventing mistakes from getting into the documents in the first place.

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We have more integrations that may be of interest to your organisation. Contact us to find out which other integrations are available.