Knowledge tools in the legal sector: CMS Contract Composer

September 03, 2015

Prefer the Dutch version? Click here.

CMS Contract Composer

03-09-2015 – As mentioned in our previous article on knowledge tools (read more) is the legal sector changing continuously. Organizations experiment with new business models and knowledge sharing, and new insights lead to new marketing methods. This applies to CMS as well.

The Knowledge tool

Now that the ‘silly season’ is over, it turns out that CMS has been actively looking into new methods to anticipate these trends through knowledge sharing: They have developed the CMS Contract Composer, an online platform where visitors can create contracts and other legal documents for free. If the user of the tools has a complex case or additional questions, (s)he can easily get in contact with the lawyers at CMS.


By releasing the Contract Composer, CMS has become the first top-10 law firm that is sharing knowledge on such a large scale. With this tool they anticipate the need of the market for more transparency and accessibility. Another innovative aspect of the Contract Composer is that the knowledge and logic needed to select the correct text fragments, is embedded in the model. This way, the tool distinguishes itself from many other online knowledge tools available.

The idea of the Contract Composer was developed by CMS after which, in collaboration with Berkeley Bridge, the tool has been given its current look and feel. Have a look at the Contract Composer (in Dutch).

Now that CMS took the initiative and started with sharing knowledge on a large scale, it won’t take long before other organizations will follow this example. We are looking forward to what the future holds! What do you expect?