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AI-powered Expert Systems for the Legal Services industry

The legal sector is developing at a fast pace. Currently, important trends are that rates are under pressure, customers are far more demanding, quality is strictly monitored, legislation changes more than ever and competition is increasing.

How can the Berkeley Publisher support your business challenges?

Work more efficiently by automating your knowledge in interactive decision trees. Unify processes and output. Share your knowledge with customers and colleagues in the most effective and friendly way.

Extend the reach of your Experts with decision tree software

Document Automation

Manually drafting and managing legal documents is a time-consuming endeavor. With the Berkeley Publisher software, you are able to convert template documents into online applications that can generate documents based on the input of the user. The user answers relevant questions about the document, selects parts to include and determines variables (for example, the height of a fine), after which the software automatically generates the document. This process, which is known as document automation or document assembly, is a common application in the legal sector. Its goals are speeding up to the process of preparing a document, generating uniform documents and reducing human errors in the documents. Last but not least, it ensures organized and maintainable contracts.

Your existing contract templates are used as a basis to assemble the automated ones. This can be either extremely complex models like mergers and acquisitions or trivial contracts like employment agreements. The resulting applications can be used both internally and externally, through intranets, websites or client portals. Furthermore, they can be integrated with other applications such as CMS, DMS or the Chamber of Commerce.

Endless application possibilities

The various applications that can be made with the Berkeley Publisher are endless. Legal expert systems help organizations to manage the rapid expansion of information and the need to make sound decisions. Legal expert systems can also support various administrative processes, thereby facilitating automatic rule-based analyses and exchange information directly with clients. You can also create new business opportunities by marketing and selling your own models. For example, build a template to compile non-disclosure agreements and offer it to your customers as a subscription.

Berkeley Bridge Offers DIY Expert System Platform to Lawyers

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Innovative judicial services with Contractstool

Manually drafting legal documents and managing them is a time-consuming endeavor. With Contractstool, you are able to turn your template contracts in online applications which are used to automatically generate custom-made contracts.

Contractstool speeds up the designing process, enables multiple users (colleagues or customers) to work on models at the same time and let you be in complete control of what is added or not. Furthermore, laws and regulations can be worked out in a structured manner with our intuitive software. This ensures uniformity and quality throughout your organization.

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