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On this page you will find an overview of the companies that Berkeley Bridge collaborates with. These companies have developed their own applications based on the Berkeley Publisher software on their own or with help of Berkeley Bridge itself, and have found a perfectly tailored solution to their needs.


HighQ provides a digital platform where you can share files securely and socialize knowledge with your clients. By creating so called ‘data rooms’, you can decide what information you share with whom.

It is possible to integrate the Berkeley Publisher in this platform. This enables you to offer your models online to your clients and store the data from these models in one place. By means of Single Sign On (SSO) you have access to all your essential information stored centrally and accessible for you and your clients at any time.


Documentaal develops solutions that make it easier to manage your brand. The integration of the Contractstool in dStyle, software created by Documentaal, ensures that your documents will automatically be generated in your branding.

Models that have been made with the Contractstool, often the more complex documents, can be run from dStyle. The advantage lies in being able to manage the branding of all your documents from one central place.


The Berkeley Publisher is frequently utilized to model legislation in the format of decision trees. In this process, it is essential to draft these models in such a way that they are easily adjustable when laws change. Pharosius helps organizations with the smart drafting of models at the start of a project. Together with Berkeley Bridge, Pharosius composed general guidelines to contemplate when making decision models.

Decision Management Solutions

Decision Management Solutions is specialized in building decision-oriented systems and processes by using decision-management, business logic, and advanced analytical technology.

DecisionsFirst Model is a decision-software developed through a collaboration between DMS and Berkeley Bridge. This software can be seen as a stepping stone on which a new generation of systems can be developed. Berkeley Bridge and DMS together offer customer support in North-Amerika at the implementation of the Berkeley Publisher.

Totti Finance

Totti finance is a consultancy firm specialized in the financial industry. Totti finance uses the Berkeley Publisher to build solutions for clients which concern knowledge intensive processes.
Totti finance also uses the Berkely Publisher to automate acceptance processes (product and client), automate GAP analyses for new or changed legislation and for compliance monitoring / audit processes.

Entrador Consultancy Group

Entrador is a consultancy office that closes the gap between business and IT by using different methods. Furthermore, they are an implementation partner of Berkeley Bridge.

The consultants at Entrador are well-experienced when it comes to the analysis of knowledge intensive processes. They are using the Berkeley Studio to model knowledge in decision trees. This is done in an intiutive and efficient manner which ensures that a custom solution is always found.

Business Rules Platform Nederland (BRPN)

Business Rules Platform Nederland (BRPN) is an association which has a goal to increase the acquaintance with business rules in the Dutch market by objective exchange of knowledge and experience between users, suppliers, and science.

Beside our own work, we find it important to support the Business Rules Platform Nederland by helping them in succeeding in achieving their goals; it is therefore that Berkeley Bridge sponsors BRPN.