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Are you a knowledge management specialist or active in the sales and implementation of innovative software solutions? We would love to get in touch with you. Berkeley Bridge is happy to work with partners to ensure that customers optimally utilize the value of knowledge.


Many organizations need support from a knowledge management specialist in the process of knowledge sharing. Berkeley Bridge would be happy to introduce you to specialists able to assist your organizations regarding issues in the area of knowledge management through delivering professional advice.


On the other hand, Berkeley Bridge offers user-friendly tooling that acts as a bridge between knowledge and technology. Our software enables you to translate your advice successfully into knowledge systems and can be an extension of your expertise.


Thanks to the use of the Berkeley Bridge’s solutions, you can come up with new propositions for your customers and meet the demand of customers looking for knowledge management software. Because of the increasing number of knowledge-intensive organizations, there is an increasing need for software that can facilitate the knowledge sharing that organizations have in mind. Berkeley Bridge offers innovative software that is easy to implement and easy to adapt to the wishes of the customer. In addition, we would be happy to introduce you to specialists to assist you in your needs.


Value&Result (V&R) is specialized in rule management and the prime partner for successful Business Process Platform implementations. With our software and their expertise, they offer structural and agile solutions for today and tomorrow. For them, as for us, providing added value (Value) and maximizing your company results (Result) is pivotal.

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More successful together

Berkeley Bridge believes that through collaborations, we are better able to provide customers with sustainable and comprehensive solutions. We embrace the view that collaborations with complementary partners are the foundation of correctly working knowledge systems. Berkeley Bridge advises clients in the field of knowledge systems but the core qualities of other organizations lie, for example, in mapping the knowledge available in a customer’s organization or in the implementation of software solutions. By bringing together these different types of expertise, all those involved are better able to fulfill customer needs and realize the intended objectives.

Every step counts

More and more, organizations are looking for solutions that stimulate optimal knowledge sharing. Examples of why they do this include to work more efficiently, to optimize business processes, to minimize risks, and to serve customers better. Many organizations have already taken serious steps in the development of knowledge systems and have achieved good results with them.

Berkeley Bridge supports organizations by advising them on knowledge systems and supervising their implementation. We provide solutions to the designing, managing, and making accessible of knowledge so that the available knowledge can actually be shared.

However, we realize that within the knowledge sharing process, the realization of a knowledge system is only one of the decisive success factors. After all, the knowledge value chain of which we are part consists of more steps, each of which adds value in their own way.



Curious to see what a partnership with Berkeley Bridge could mean for your organization and do you share our view that we can be more successful together? If so, please contact us. We would like to get acquainted with you and exchange ideas about the possibilities and the various forms of a partnership.