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If a law changes, is new, or is complex, Rule Assistance can be a useful tool. Rule Assistance provides citizens and entrepreneurs with insight into obligations arising from legislation and regulations and is intended as an instrument to reduce the regulatory burden. Rule Assistance not only offers benefits to entrepreneurs, but also to government organizations and regulators.

  • Better service. The entrepreneur gets a better service; the outcome of the Rule Assistance is concrete and directly applicable to an enterprise.
  • Fewer requests for help. Citizens and entrepreneurs are better informed about the rules, as a result of which they ask fewer questions about the application of or compliance with legislation.
  • Improved compliance. Entrepreneurs are able to comply with rules better because entrepreneurs know what actions to take.

Please note that all examples are in Dutch. Do you want to see an English example? Please contact us or request a demo.

Rule Assistance overview

Drones Rule Assistance

Check the permits you need for flying with a drone.

R&D tax credit

Check what financial benefit the R&D can bring you.

Legislation checker energy savings

Energy saving obligations for companies.

Real estate transformation Rule Assistance

Feasibility of transformation of a (vacant) building.

Premium rebates and low-income benefits

Are you entitled to premium discounts or low-income benefits?

Waste Secure Tool

Calculate the amount of the deposit for your waste shipment.

Digital Notification Advisor (DNA)

Waste transport in Europe.

Waste Shipment Procedure

See which procedures apply to your waste.

Private use of a company car

Calculate the VAT you will have to pay for private use.

Rule Assistance Fertiliser

Does a dairy farmer meet the usage standards?

Control help for fire-safe use of buildings

Comply with legal requirements for the fire-safe use of buildings.

Reliability levels for digital services

How reliable are your digital services?