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Knowledge-intensive applications in response

to rapid growth and complexity

The number of decisions in the world is growing and so is the pressure to make them quickly, deliberately, and in a way that is compliant. This applies to financial service providers, who are facing increasingly more demanding customers and increased regulatory pressure, as well as financial departments of companies. After all, more than ever, they are expected to be involved in making critical decisions.

However, research shows that when decisions need to be made quickly, the chance of wrong decisions significantly increases. This has made many organizations decide to look for ways to improve the decision-making process. As a result, they use knowledge-intensive applications that enable them to translate all required knowledge and associated rules into a user-friendly tool. Because of this, they make the right decisions and significantly improve their service.

Fast, accurate, and optimal

Financieel _ Klantacceptatie

Customer acceptance process

By automating the customer acceptance process, many organizations can make huge gains. Decisions are made faster and more efficiently and they are more reliable. The use of knowledge-intensive systems also ensures that employees with less expert knowledge can make the right decisions and gain insight into possible risks.


By translating all the required knowledge and associated rules into a user-friendly tool, you offer your team support for compliance with the laws and regulations 24/7. They can find out for themselves what rules apply, find out what they have to do to comply with them, and record audit procedures in a structured way.

Financieel _ Compliance
Financieel _ Selfservice


The modern customer expects service 24/7 and wants to be able to manage and deal with one’s business independently. The use of knowledge-intensive applications, in the form of online self-service portals and advice, help organizations meet these expectations and realize an optimal customer experience.

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