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The proper handling of questions

Services provided by government agencies are becoming increasingly more important. At the same time, citizens and entrepreneurs want to be able to manage increasingly more things online 24 hours a day. To ensure that questions are answered correctly and to be able to meet today’s demands, more and more government agencies are using innovative digital solutions.

Berkeley Bridge’s solutions are used daily to support permit applications and to provide insight into obligations arising from legislation and regulations, for example. This support comes in the form of digital tools, with which customers can manage their affairs independently whenever and wherever they want.


Take someone who has just bought a piece of land on which he or she intends to build. Is that allowed and if so, under what conditions? An interactive questionnaire on the local government’s website can help this person receive one’s answers. Without having to read and understand pages with legal texts, one can receive a conclusive answer through a clear question structure.

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Permit tools

Lead your customer to the right information and application forms for permit applications with question-and-answer dialogs. A permit tool is an electronic tool that helps citizens, entrepreneurs, and employees of the municipality process a permit application correctly.

Rule Assistance

Legislation changes regularly and is often too complex for entrepreneurs or citizens to provide direct insight into the obligations they have to meet. Reduce the regulatory burden considerably and facilitate better compliance through online Rule Assistance, allowing entrepreneurs and citizens to find out exactly what the rules are and what they have to do to comply with them. Go to Rule Assistance overview…


Proven solutions

Berkeley Bridge has already supported many government agencies by increasing their efficiency and improving the service offered. In addition to the Government, many municipalities use our software solutions.

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