Optimum care thanks to smart applications
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Support and improvement of healthcare

Healthcare providers face major challenges: substantial budget cuts, an increase in the number of people requiring healthcare, high service expectations from clients, and mutual competition. A solution that helps overcome these challenges is the use of knowledge-intensive systems. They enable you to convert employees’ knowledge and expertise into accessible, interactive applications in an easy way.

A triage system from Berkeley Bridge ensures that the required specialist knowledge is available to all employees in a structured manner. This is done through a clear question structure, in the form of an interactive decision tree. This knowledge can then be used for, for example, determining what treatment a patient (possibly) needs, the medical urgency of a question or whether someone may have to come during consultation hours. With these triage systems, even employees with less specialized knowledge are able to give patients the best advice quickly.

Optimum services and improved accessibility


Medical triage

By translating specialized knowledge into innovative applications, you structure the work of your medical staff. This means they can spend less time on peripheral issues such as administrative tasks. An example of a possible application is an interactive questionnaire that ultimately answers the question of which treatment method best applies, automatically recording the reporting of the findings.

Triage by telephone

When a patient calls, it is important that the employee asks the right questions and ties the correct conclusions to the questions asked. However, the medical knowledge of (call center) employees is sometimes limited, which means the quality of the triage is not optimal. By making specialist knowledge available in an accessible manner and presenting it through a logical question structure, your employees are better able to provide the patient with the correct answers and more quickly.

See here how the Isala Hospital in Zwolle (Netherlands) has implemented telephone triages.

Proven solutions

In their efforts to offer optimum care and service, Berkeley Bridge’s solutions are already being used by various organizations. Curious to see what Berkeley Bridge, as experienced and service-oriented as we are, can do for you? Please contact us now, without any obligation!