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New challenges require intelligent answers

For many years now, numerous organizations in the legal sector have been using Berkeley Bridge’s solutions. Organizations ensure they meet the challenges they face by using smart digital applications or information processing applications.

The legal sector is developing at a rapid pace. Important trends are, for example, increasingly more demanding clients, rates under pressure, rapidly changing (and complex) laws and regulations, and growing competition. These are some of the reasons why more and more organizations are using innovative digital solutions, such as legal knowledge systems. This way, they better adopt the more automated and cost-efficient way of working that the current market demands.

Sharing knowledge is the foundation of your success

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Legal knowledge and advice systems

Legislation and regulations are constantly changing; keeping track of all these changes is difficult and time-consuming. In addition, clients expect you to assist them at all times, even outside of office hours. How do you ensure that your colleagues always have access to the required expertise and that your clients can receive advice 24/7? Centralize your knowledge in an accessible legal knowledge and advice system.

Document automation

Help your colleagues draft legal documents more quickly, guarantee uniformity within your office, and say goodbye to unnecessary mistakes! With Berkeley Bridge’s knowledge systems, you convert template documents into online applications that can generate documents based on the user’s input. The user completes an interactive decision tree, allowing the system to generate a legal document automatically. Read more..

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Client intake process

A recurring activity in the legal sector is the client intake process, in which the lawyer and client jointly fill out the required data manually. This is often a time-consuming process that keeps you from your main activity: giving good advice. Increase the quality of your service and focus entirely on increasing your added value. Digitize your intake process, offer it in an online portal, and let the client fill out all the required information oneself.

Proven solutions

With the aim of increasing the quality of their legal services and reducing costs, Berkeley Bridge has already supported many organizations in the legal sector. We have helped them, inter alia, make the work processes of their colleagues more efficient and simplify the collaboration with their clients.

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