Stibbe selects Contractstool Berkeley Bridge

August 31, 2015

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31-08-2015 – Stibbe, an internationally renowned law firm, has become customer of Berkeley Bridge. Stibbe will use our Contractstool primarily for document assembly.

A large amount of contracts from the advocate and notary department will be converted to models in Contractstool. Furthermore, Contractstool will be integrated in the knowledge portal, the document management system and the CRM-system of Stibbe.

Quote Oskar Snijders, CEO at Berkeley Bridge:

We are pleased that, after intensive selection, Stibbe has chosen Berkeley Bridge. We are glad that we are able to provide services to Stibbe, a distinguished firm in the advocate and notary sector. We are looking forward to a period of close collaboration with the professional employees at Stibbe.”

Quote Barend Wolsing, Head of Knowledge Management at Stibbe:

Berkeley Bridge is able to deliver a perfect platform in which highly specialized documents could be generated. By combining Contractstool with our knowledge portal, a lot of high-quality knowledge is being disclosed efficiently. Eventually, it is in the interest of client.”

About Stibbe & Berkeley Bridge

Stibbe is a renowned law firm with establishments in Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and New York. As a specialist firm, Stibbe works with multidisciplinary teams that aim to deliver pragmatic advice. Their clients range from local and multinational corporations to state organizations and public authorities.

Berkeley Bridge helps translating knowledge in online knowledge applications based on decision trees. In the legal sector, our software is used by many firms to automatically draft contracts and other legal documents. Via an interactive decision tree, only the relevant questions are asked. Based on those answers, a custom-made contract will be generated.