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The Berkeley Publisher enables you to translate your knowledge into interactive, online applications. You can give your target audience access to your applications; sharing your knowledge becomes easy and efficient.

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The Berkeley Publisher is a tool which can be used in any industry to improve decision-making processes. The goal of Berkeley Bridge is to allow experts in a certain area to translate their specialist knowledge into software solutions without the help of computer experts.

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After registration, it is possible to use the Berkeley Publisher free of charge for non-commercial purposes. There are also Standard and Professional licenses for commercial use. Start building decision trees and publish them to create an Expert System.

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Decision Tree Software, Document Automation, Compliance & Expert Systems

Berkeley Bridge is the expert when it comes to knowledge-based systems that use decision trees and has vast experience in the automation of legal documents. Its easy-to-build and easy-to-use applications are widely used by law firms, operating companies, healthcare organizations, and governments. They can be used to aid decision in a uniform, data-driven way – an answer to legal concerns, compliance monitoring, and tax filings, as well as to create form agreements and other routine documents.

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Code-free creation of interactive decision trees

with the Berkeley Publisher

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& service quality

Serve clients & employees 24/7

Ensure compliance with regulations

Create new business opportunities

''We believe that all domain experts should be able to translate their knowledge into interactive applications based on decision trees without the help of IT.''

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