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Berkeley Bridge is the expert when it comes to knowledge based systems that use decision trees and has vast experience in the automation of legal documents. Its easy-to-build and easy-to-use applications are widely used by law firms, operating companies, health care organizations, and governments. They can be used to address issues running the gamut to commoditize the answers to legal problems, compliance monitoring and tax filings, as well as to create form agreements and other routine documents.

The goal of Berkeley Bridge is to allow experts in a certain area to translate their specialist knowledge into software solutions without the help of computer experts. Once a subject matter’s knowledge has been incorporated into a Berkeley Publisher model, it can immediately be published on the internet for internal or external use. The advantages are tremendous: greater customer reach, reduction of internal costs, and the standardization and documentation of decision making.

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The Berkeley Publisher is the most user-friendly software suite for the development and maintenance of knowledge intensive applications that use decision trees. Agility and business are leading when it comes to the Berkeley Publisher.

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Innovative judicial services with Contractstool

The ContractsTool helps organisations with the automation of contracts and other legal documents.

Via an interactive decsions tree, you will only be guided through the necessary questions, making sure that the contract is tailored to the specific needs of the client based on the decisions that were made.