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What is Business Rules Management?

Every organization has to deal with rules such as rules describing how an organization works (processes) or determining what decisions need to be made (decisions). In addition to these rules, there are also rules in the form of legislation and regulations, which organizations must comply with. Business Rules Management is the process in which all these rules are defined and managed so that they can be applied automatically and repeatedly in the future. For this, software is used that enables knowledge experts to visualize the rules in models independently and to make them applicable, without the help of IT or programmers.

What is Business Rules Management used for?

Business Rules Management is the perfect tool for organizations that want to streamline their decision-making processes and activities. Business Rules Management is perfectly suitable for translating rules into logical actions and decisions, which allows for a particularly wide range of applications. For example, an insurer can optimize its claim handling by automating payout decisions while a bank can protect itself from hefty fines by translating compliance guidelines into logical decision tools. Areas of application where the use of Business Rules Management offers a solution include:

  • Credit decisions
  • Claim handling
  • Risk analyses
  • Project management
  • Personnel policy
  • Compliance
  • Production processes
  • Etcetera…

Advantages of Business Rules Management

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The logic applied repeatedly guarantees uniformity in working methods, processes, and decisions.

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You gain insight into the rules within your organizations and the logic on which decisions are made.



Thanks to the centralized management of your rules, any changes are implemented quickly and easily.

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Business rules, strategies, and procedures are recorded centrally so that knowledge of leaving employees stays.



Decision processes are no longer hidden in separate documentation or hidden in code; they are displayed graphically.



By making your rules applicable, people with less expert knowledge can also make the right decisions in the future.

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