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Automate documents with Contracts Tool

The manual drafting and management of legal documents is a time-consuming task. With Contracts Tool, you can easily convert your template contracts into online applications with which customized contracts can be generated automatically. The tool is made in the Berkeley Publisher and requires no programming knowledge.

Contracts tool speeds up the development process, enables you to work on the same model with multiple users (colleagues and/or clients) and gives you control over the content. In addition, laws and regulations can be worked out in a structured way, so that uniformity and quality are guaranteed in your company.




With the Contracts Tool, you are assured that all documents have the same look and feel.



Both your documents and the online environment can be completely adapted to your own corporate identity.



The knowledge and expertise acquired for a client can be reused for other clients.



Contracts Tool allows you to generate a whole set of documents once.



The developed Contracts Tool can be maintained by your own employees.



With the built-in user-management system you can easily determine yourself who has access to which application.

Create your own Contracts Tool easily & quickly

Internal applications

Efficiency, uniformity and quality

Within the firm, our decision tree software can be used to swiftly fill in legal documents. These could be semi-finished goods (SFGs), documents that are pre-filled by clients and wrapped-up by specialists, but also directly usable documents for clients, such as non-disclosure agreements (live demonstration).

Furthermore, it is also possible to generate an extensive set of conceptual documents in one go, in the case of a possible merger or take-over. Consequently, the filled-in data can be used again in other documents, not only preventing repetitive upcoming work but also simplifying similar tasks.

The advantages of using Contracts Tool within the firm:

  1. Efficiency: One is able to make significant steps in efficiency considering the saved time achieved by the legal document automation.
  2. Uniformity: Since your colleagues all go through the same decision tree, all relevant subjects are covered and uniformity in style and substance of the documents composed by your firm is guaranteed.
  3. Quality: Your expert knowledge is modeled in a controlled environment and made accessible for your colleagues.

External applications

Innovative & client-friendly services

Our software can be used outside the firm to:


  • Personalize use for existing clients. Next to giving tailored advice, one can also design Contracts Tools specifically for the client – whether they are prospects or have been associated with the company for a longer time. Additionally, one has the option of also making use of the incorporated and easily accessible ‘help’-functionality.
  • Attract new clients. By making your Contracts Tools publicly available you are able to generate leads. Sharing several tools through the company website can differentiate your company from others in terms of innovation and reputation, therewith helping you in attracting more clients.


The advantages of using Contractstool outside the firm:

  1. Innovation: With this refreshing method in the field of legal services, your firm expresses a sense of innovation: you fulfill the customer’s demand for renewal in legal affairs.
  2. Customer relations: offering customers Contract Tools that are easy to work with keeps one up-to-date with clients.
  3. Accessible for questions: with the use of Contracts Tool, clients can quickly contact your firm for specialized questions.


Make your knowledge available for large or specific audiences

Lexence, a top lawyer’s office in Amsterdam, has developed a number of knowledge tools with the help of the Contracts Tool. For example, you can easily calculate and check the transition allowance using these tools.


General Terms and Conditions

The use of establishing general terms and conditions with deals is settled in the Dutch Civil Code under title 5.3 of the sixth book. Next to providing information on the lawful regulations and their practical application, the program also includes a couple of modules that are related to the use of general terms and conditions:

  1. A module that enables you to draft, print and save (new) General Terms and Conditions of Trade (or Service). The text file that is created during the saving process can also be opened and edited in a word processor.
  2. A module that puts the General Terms and Conditions to the test in order to see if they meet the legal requirements.

Agency agreement

Trade representatives mediate the establishment of agreements between the principal and his or her potential clients. The case does not include employment, but there is compensation for the clients. The settlements between representative and principal are put into an agency agreement. This tool is based on the template provided by the Chamber of Commerce.


Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract between two parties that oblige themselves to withhold certain knowledge or information from others. This often happens with corporate take-overs. The agreement doest not have a set format, nor is there any notary needed to get the job done.

This contract was written for a salesman who wants to provide the buyer with information about the company. The selling party insists that the potential buyer signs a non-disclosure agreement first. This example is based on a template of the Chamber of Commerce.




Stibbe is an internationally renowned legal firm with main offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, and branch offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London and New York. They build close business relationships with their clients that range from local and multinational corporations to state organizations and public authorities. By taking into account the commercial objectives, position in the market and the sector or industry of their clients, they are able to render suitable and effective advice.

Stibbe will use the Berkeley Publisher primarily for document assembly: a large number of contracts in the law and notary sector will be converted to interactive models with the Publisher. The Publisher will also be integrated into the knowledge portal, the document management system, and the CRM-system of Stibbe.

Kennedy Van der Laan

With about 100 working lawyers, law firm Kennedy van der Laan ranks in the top-20 of Dutch independent law firms. Located in Amsterdam, the firm’s top priorities focus on innovation, outstanding quality and being pragmatic as well as socially responsible.

Kennedy van der Laan has adopted Contacts Tool to improve the automation process of vital contracts and documents. The firm also utilizes Contracts Tools to assist clients, by converting their lawyer’s expertise into knowledge tools.

The analysis and modeling of contracts in the Contracts Tool have entirely been taken up by the internal employees of Kennedy van der Laan.


Lexence provides legal services to organizations and businesses that operate in the Dutch market. The firm has 125-plus professionals, including 80 lawyers and notaries.

Lexence uses the Contracts Tool for the automatic assembly of documents and the publication of knowledge tools.


Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP is an American top-10 international law firm with over 200 years of experience and has long-standing client relationships with premier financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and other leading corporations, government entities, charitable and health care organizations and individual private clients.

Cadwalader uses the Contracts Tool to, amongst others, automatically generate documents. Next to this, Cadwalader uses the underlying software – the Berkeley Publisher – to develop knowledge applications in which the legislation concerning banking supervision is disclosed.

Van Loon Advocaten

Law firm Van Loon Advocaten was founded in 1975 and is located in Veenendaal (Netherlands). The lawyers working at Van Loon have been routinely litigated. She serves both entrepreneurs and private individuals in various legal areas. Van Loon Advocaten uses the Berkeley Publisher to generate and modify documents within their e-commerce platform. It is important to deal with knowledge management in an innovative way, a subject for which the Contracts Tool is extremely suitable.


Although Contracts Tool is the way to approach the documenting of legal expertise inventively, the tools are part of a greater whole. We have made Contracts Tool highly compatible with several parties in order to make them add to your existing infrastructure as seamlessly as possible.


HighQ provides a digital platform where you can share files securely and socialize knowledge with your clients. By creating so called ‘data rooms’, you can decide what information you share with whom.

It is possible to integrate the Berkeley Publisher in this platform. This enables you to offer your models online to your clients and store the data from these models in one place. By means of Single Sign On (SSO) you have access to all your essential information stored centrally and accessible for you and your clients at any time.


Documentaal develops solutions that make it easier to manage your brand. The integration of the Contracts Tool in dStyle, software created by Documentaal, ensures that your documents will automatically be generated in your branding.

Models that have been made with the Contracts Tool, often the more complex documents, can be run from dStyle. The advantage lies in being able to manage the branding of all your documents from one central place.


Legal Intelligence (LI) offers advanced search processes for lawyers, tax specialists, and accountants. With this, LI contributes to better information- and knowledge management in these professions. The Contract Tools are approachable from LI by single sign-on, so you do not have to log in again to access your Contract Tools in Legal Intelligence. The Contract Tools are also available at the sources of LI.


An integration has been made between Contact Manager of Epona and the Berkeley Publisher. When going through a decision tree in the Berkeley Publisher, data in Contact Manager can be read in automatically. The imported data can be used in contracts generated with the Contracts Tool.

With SharePoint, Microsoft has provided a cooperative platform that is frequently used in legal affairs. Contracts Tool works outstandingly with SharePoint, both in terms of graphic integration and data exchange.

Are you curious about the benefits the Berkeley Publisher has to offer your organization?