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Welcome to the Berkeley Publisher demonstration page. This page is intended to present you with a number of practical examples. This is only a limited selection though. If the application you have in mind does not appear in this overview, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The Dutch Government's Rule Assistance

When legislation changes or when there is new or complex legislation, Rule Assistance can be a handy tool. A Rule Assistance provides entrepreneurs with insight into obligations arising from legislation and regulations. It is intended as an instrument to reduce the regulatory burden of entrepreneurs.

Drones Rule Assistance

Check the permits you need for flying with a drone.

Legislation checker energy savings

Energy saving obligations for companies.

Real estate transformation Rule Assistance

Feasibility of transformation of a (vacant) building.

Cost calculator protection Intellectual Property

Check the costs of applying for a patent.

Live Expert Systems of our customers


With the CMS Contract Composer, you can easily draft and download high-quality legal documents. Examples of the available models include an employment contract, a payment reminder, and an NDA.


The Dutch Work and Security Act has brought about major changes for employment law practice. To eliminate the lack of clarity, Lexence has developed a number of tools. For example, you can easily calculate transition fees or check your non-competition clause (NCC).


The municipality of Valkenswaard (Netherlands) offers Quick Permit Services. This tool has been developed for citizens who want to make an appointment, perform a permit check or apply for a permit.


Avoid common pitfalls when buying or selling a house with this tool developed by the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries.


Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP has developed a tool to test whether a potential bond buyer is an accredited investor.


With the help of this tool, realized by Poelman van den Broek, you get an impression of how you can realize a rent adjustment of real estate and whether this has a chance of success in your situation.

Other demonstrations

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Intellectual property

Determine intellectual property fraud.

Non-disclosure agreement

Create non-disclosure agreements by document automation.

Demo solution:


Integration Check

With this module you can check whether someone has a nationality obligation.

Penalty Payment

Generate a State Aid Report and guidance on expenditure decisions.

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Reintegration Check

This tool formulates an advice to reduce possible inflow risks.

Support Stockings

Present the right tool for putting on your therapeutic elastic arm or leg stockings.

Fertility Check

Make an appointment, request the outcome of a medical examination or request a medical examination.


Make an appointment online.

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Calculate the amount of the periodic penalty payment

Does the public organization decide too late on your application or objection? Then calculate whether you are entitled to a penalty payment.

Tax calculation model

Use this tax calculator to estimate the amount of tax refund due for residents of the Netherlands. It can also be used to estimate the total tax on the basis of income and other conditions.

Company car

Check if anyone is entitled to a company car and what costs are associated with it.

Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act

Money laundering and terrorist financing control.


This calculation model calculated the amount of the pension contributions.

GAP analysis

GAP analysis is a method of assessing differences in performance between business information systems or software applications to determine whether business requirements are met.

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Demo solution:


Establishment Agreement

You can use this demo model to draw up a termination of employment.

Holiday Days

Calculate the number of holidays to which an employee is entitled per year.

Employment Arrangements

Termination of a contract of employment.

Demo overview

View the different applications created with the Berkeley Publisher.