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Berkeley Publisher

Before being able to use the Berkeley Publisher, you will need a license. With a ShareCenter license you will be able to use our software for free. The Standard and Professional licenses are commercial licenses. You can try these out for a limited time period. Have a look at our overview or download the Berkeley Publisher (you will need a license to publish your models):

Overzicht proeflicentie
Berkeley Studio
The modeling environment
Online Learning Center
Documenation, videos, FAQs and model library
Model management
Manage your own models online
Presentation layer
Your environment in your branding
Hosting server
Option to host the publication environment yourself
Helpdesk is available during office hours
Functionality webserver
Feedback, attachments, save case etc.
A SLA-contract can be drafted on demand
Version Management
Keep track of changes
Integration external software
Possibility to intergrate external software
*When you are using a Sharecenter license, you are bound to the Fair Use Policy. This simply means that you are able to use our software normally, but that you cannot use if for commercial purposes.