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Berkeley Bridge provides us with a perfect platform with which highly specialized documents are generated. By combining it with our knowledge portal, a lot of high-quality knowledge is made accessible quickly and effectively. This is ultimately in the interests of our clients.

StibbeBarend Wolsing, former Head of Knowledge Management at Stibbe

I learned the software by following a course facilitated by Berkely Bridge self. Mr. van der Plassche and Mr. Tillekens thought us the basics of the Berkeley Bridge software and showed us all the possibilities it offered. But most of all I learned the software by using it during my thesis for VDT Lawyers. VDT Lawyers wanted a new tool with which they could inform their clients about the legal risks of an immediate dismissal. By using my decision tree the user can get information about these legal risks. This can help him in choosing between an immediate dismissal or going to court.

I think the publisher can be applied in any study in which you can decompose a doctrine into several steps or questions. If that is possible there is no limit in sort of study it can be used in. Practice shows us that legal studies and decision trees go along very good.

Jeannot CoomansLaw Student, University of Applied Sciences Avans-Fontys faculty of law

I learned to use the software at my internship at Van Loon Advocaten. Then the daily use of it brought me further up to speed.

My thesis was based on both the Publisher itself as well as the result that was produced with it. I used it to build a decision tree for creating a rental agreement for business spaces (so-called ‘230a-Business space’). The decision tree is able to produce a complete ready to use rental contract.

The benefits of the Publisher are quite obvious as I found out during my thesis:

  • Once developed, models save a lot of time producing legal, structured documents
  • The accuracy is almost a 100%, contrary to documents constructed by copying and pasting blocks of text.
  • The ability to produce consistent documents.
Ruben BijvankLaw Student, University of Applied Sciences Avans-Fontys faculty of law

The Cedar Group Story. Our assessment of Berkeley Bridge? Thumbs-up. Five stars. Liked. Friended. Deep Liked. Now Following

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Cameron. I’m a behavior analyst and co-owner (with my colleague Roger Iris) of a company called The Cedar Group. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

How we got Started with Berkeley Bridge

It started with a business idea. Clinicians are required to make important decisions about their clients; however, they do not always have time to maintain familiarity with the professional literature, evidence-based practices for treating various disorders (e.g., anxiety disorders), or ethical guidelines for the protection of a client. Therefore, our idea was to establish a knowledge management company.

Roger and I had determination and fixity to translate the business idea to a product; however, neither one of us writes code. Moreover, we did not want to hire someone to program for us. In consequence, we started searching for a solution. And I found the solution on a rainy February morning in Los Angeles. The solution was Berkeley Bridge. I quickly discovered that Berkeley Bridge had the platform to develop and manage knowledge-based applications.

What we Learned

We learned that we could create decision models, independently, without any programming knowledge. We learned that Berkeley Bridge has a support system taking the form of text-based and video tutorials. We learned that Berkeley Bridge has a team of technical support personnel that are relatable, accessible, understand different business sectors, and will bird dog any issue you may encounter until it is resolved. The team’s knowledge and support is peerless.

Where we are Now 

Because of Berkeley Bridge, Roger and I have a successful knowledge management company. Berkley Bridge allowed us to take a dim cloud of an idea and create a viable business. Our company is growing and our services are in demand. More importantly, the clinicians using our decision models, at point-of-care, have told us that the knowledge-based applications are precisely what they needed.

Our Advice to Others  

If you need to build decision models, either simple or complex, we highly recommend Berkeley Bridge. If you are looking for a platform that can integrate with other systems, and allows for content and document management, we urge you to connect with the folks at Berkeley Bridge. Or, consider meeting the team in Amsterdam (like Roger and I did) and having lunch with the laudable gang at their long wooden table within their avant-garde office space.




Dr. Michael CameronCertified Behavior Analyst, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Digitalization in law is not indispensable. At the University of Applied Sciences Avans-Fontys (Faculty of Law) in Tilburg, The Netherlands, we teach the students to work with the Berkeley Publisher so that they can apply it during internships or in business. Students surprised me how fast they can make nice decision trees with Berkeley Publisher.


Mr. J. (John) LousbergHigher education lecturer and coordinator, University of Applied Sciences Avans-Fontys faculty of law

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