What is the Berkeley Publisher?
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Berkeley Bridge aims to enable domain experts to make their specialist knowledge available without the help of computer experts and programmers. For this purpose, we have developed the Berkeley Publisher. This platform allows content experts to develop smart applications independently, without any prior programming knowledge.

Bridging knowledge and technology

The Berkeley Publisher consists of two separate elements: the Berkeley Studio and the Berkeley Webserver. You model your knowledge systems in the Berkeley Studio and then, using the Berkeley Webserver, you make your knowledge systems available to your target audience through an online platform. Thanks to this clear separation, you are not distracted by unnecessary features when modeling and you can focus on sharing your knowledge as efficiently as possible.

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Berkeley Studio

The Berkeley Studio is the tool that enables domain experts to make their knowledge accessible to a wider audience in a user-friendly way. The basic concept is based on the drawing of specific decision trees. It has been proven that this working method best suits content experts’ way of thinking.

  • No programming knowledge required: Creating interactive decision trees has never been as simple as with the Berkeley Studio. The combination of visual modeling and easy management helps domain experts effortlessly structure their knowledge and make it available.
  • Extensive options: The Berkeley Studio is very simple to use but at the same time, it is powerful enough for the most knowledge-intensive applications. In the Berkeley Studio, you can manage and add to your decision trees all elements and information required for arriving at the right outcomes.
  • Real-time preview: During modeling, a real-time preview of what the end user sees is shown. Before making your knowledge available to your target audience, you can test extensively and be sure in advance that the knowledge is practically applicable.
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Berkeley Webserver

The Berkeley Webserver is the platform on which decision trees made in the Berkeley Studio can be published and made available to your target audience. The way in which the decision trees are presented can be adapted fully to your corporate identity and, if desired, integrated into existing applications.

  • Platform independent: Decision trees made can be viewed and used on different platforms, including desktop, mobile, standalone, and fully integrated.
  • Additional functionalities: If required, the Berkeley Web Server offers additional functionalities, such as a feedback widget, the option of inserting attachment(s) or the saving of completed decision trees.
  • Web-based administration: The Berkeley Web Server offers a control panel to manage users, models, rights, and web server settings centrally. This is done using a simple web interface.

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